Wanna know your YouTube Superfans?

Understanding who your superfans are is the first step to creating better content. But as it stands, it's not exactly easy to find this information & hence we built mysuper.fan

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Mysuper.fan - Identify your top superfans on Youtube. | Product Hunt

With mysuper.fan you get

  • A leaderboard of your YouTube superfans
  • Metrics to measure their fandom across the last year
  • A personalized report about each superfan. So that creators can deep dive into their most loyal supporters

Find your most loyal fans; deep dive into your superfans and understand why your fans love you.

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Who are we?

We're Backstage. We're committed to helping creators build profitable ventures centered around their passions.

Our main product which is releasing soon will give creators the power to form a private fan club where they can grow their creative business with their closest fans.

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